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Things i work with...
A couple of Guitars: Fender, Squier, Epiphone, Gibson and Gretsch. AMPs i work with: Fender (Mustang + Rumble) Marshall, Software i used to mixing my work: Magix Samplitude, Toontrack

About me...
Well, making music is my favorite pastime. As long as the beat is right, the genre doesen't matter!
It's a small home studio where I record songs. Actually the songs should only be for me and a couple of friends, especially my daughter (it all started with her). Now I have a few many on the hard drive, some songs surprise myself.
Unfortunately, I don't master the art of playing the drums, so I use EZdrummer from Toontrack. Not always easy, but you get to your goal after training. The same applies to mastering, Samplitude is cheap and after training you get great results there too. About guitars, some are expensive, some are cheap. A cheap Squier Telecaster with 2 Humbuckers is usually used for the recordings. Since the purchase, I can say that cheap is not necessarily bad.

A little bit of advertising:
Magix Samplitude Music Studio
Make some noice, it's your turn!
So much fun... making music...

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Michael Hoch
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